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A Comprehensive Club-Specific Sales Training Program
For New & Veteran Salespeople, that Helps You Drive Membership Sales!

Think about this; you hire a new salesperson and with the click of a button they begin a 12-hour step-by step video sales training intensive that is divided up into convenient 20-30 minute sections.

Each on-line video has a downloadable workbook that allows them to stay totally engaged and take good notes for future reference.

At the end of each video they take a test and only after completing those tests are they allowed to move to the next video.  This gives you the peace of mind knowing that every one of your salespeople is receiving the exact same tools, strategies and skills necessary for club sales success.

Accountability Tools for Every User

Although you can determine how fast or slow the employee completes the “core competency” training, a detailed Action Plan guides them on exactly what to watch, what tests to take, what homework to do and what in-club exercises and role plays to complete.  It even tells them what days (as a minimum) they should be getting together with their manager to review their progress and ask club specific questions.   

In addition to their Action Plan every day for the first 21 days they will receive a reminder or motivational e-mail that ensures they are staying on track, focused and working to capacity.

Weekly Training Continues for 90 Days!

After that they will receive one advanced training video each week that will provide them with new sales materials and challenge them to keep improving their skills as a professional fitness salesperson.  Because we know that the first three months of a salespersons employment is the most critical, this process continues throughout this time frame.  

On-Going Monthly Training Continues Skill Development

Of course, training never ends for a true professional.  Think about it—doctors, lawyers, accountants, even personal trainers have to continue getting their CEC’s (continuing education credits) to stay on top of new trends and keep their knowledge and skills current.  That’s why the training program provides an entire advanced training section.  There are three primary aspects to this level of training:

1. A monthly training video covers key issues specific to that particular time of the year; cyclical changes, prospecting challenges, summer or holiday issues, etc.  This helps salespeople prepare for adversity and focuses them on the skills they need to re-visit and sharpen in order to succeed each and every month in reaching their sales goals.

2. Each month there is a call where I personally answer the specific questions you and your staff have submitted (of course we answer “timely” questions immediately; these are questions or requests for more detailed training).  Best of all, these calls are recorded and then posted on the membership site ensuring that you never miss any new content.  In fact, you will be able to access this recorded call for the entire month until the next call is posted.  Certainly you can attend the live call but it is not necessary if your schedule doesn’t permit.  Isn’t technology great!

3. Finally, there are sections of advanced training for every single step to the sales process that contain articles, short videos and audio podcasts that I have published in the past.  This means that if you or a team member is having an issue with a particular aspect of selling you can go right to that section and get more training.  New content is added each month, making this a dynamic training site that gets better and better every single month.

clickbutton4You Get My $5,000 Boot Camp Program! (But at a fraction of the on)

You read it correctly; just the core competency videos of the Selling Fitness Program—at almost 13 hours of training time—is an exact duplicate of my two day on-site Sales Boot Camp program.  For those of you who have had me come to your facility to do this training you know that I charge $2,500 per day + ALL travel expenses.  That means a club that has me do this on-site pays close to $6,000 for the exact same materials.

Think about it.  If you are a club that can’t afford me to come in and train your staff this is a heck of an alternative.  And, even for clubs that can afford me they usually only have me in once a year—if that.  With this program you can train your entire sales team 365 days out of the year. Then, when you want me to come in and do on-site training we can focus on the more advanced elements, role playing and integration.  This means those clubs that utilize both training mediums will get even more value for their investments.   

More Tools for the Sales Manager

Let me go back for a minute to the Sales Manager aspects.  Think about the entire cache of tools that this program provides a club sales manager!  Not only will this program save your club hundreds of hours of repetitive training (that usually gets interrupted all too often) but it allows the sales manager to focus on the most important elements of training—role playing and follow up.  

And speaking of role playing I added one additional bonus to the training program.  Each month I send out to the sales manager (not front line employees) a Sales Manager’s Guide that coordinates with the monthly training video I discussed earlier.  This guide provides you with a series of exercises and role plays that can be done in a group setting.  Basically it’s a “sales meeting in a box” tool.  This ensures that meetings can spend adequate time on training and saves the manager a ton of time trying to put together the content and agenda.  

Does this “Replace” a Sales Manager?

Interestingly enough, when I was beta testing this program I often got the question, “Does this program replace a sales manager?”  Of course, the answer is no; there is no replacement of having a human being role play with their team; checking their tracking; making sure they are doing all their lessons.  That said, this is a tremendous Sales Manager’s Assistant!  And for clubs that don’t have a Sales Manager this is an even more valuable took because often General Manager’s don’t have the time to really dedicate to the training they know is necessary.   

guaranteeMulti-Level Guarantee Makes this EASY

I’m so sure that the Selling Fitness Training Program will successfully train your team that I am going to give you a multi-level guarantee.

1.    Use the system for 14 days (which is enough time to get through the core competency section) and if you don’t think the program is worth continuing cancel.  So long as the people participating in the course are getting test scores of 80% or better I will refund your money no questions asked.  This means you will have gotten the benefit of any training you completed without paying a dime.

2.    Begin by May 31st and you can take advantage of an “early bird—no commitment” guarantee.  Because of the way the program is designed we usually require a club to make a minimum 3 month commitment to the program.  I will waive that commitment just to ensure you are totally happy with the program.  

 Take a Closer Look — You Get ALL THIS:

•    Over $5,000 worth of club specific training so that your salespeople will learn the strategies, skills and methods that can be immediately applied to their practice without having to re-invent the wheel.  And that’s just the value of the core competency training!

•    The peace of mind knowing that every one of your salespeople has had the exact same core training that will result in a more consistent consumer experience and greater sales success.  

•    24/7 access for each salesperson you invite to participate in the training , allowing them to access the training either at work or even at home if they choose to do so.

•    Interactive workbook AND test for each of the core competency videos, which keeps your staff engaged while listening, further integrates learning by using multiple communication styles and ensures they are retaining what they learn.

•    A question and answer call each month, which provides your team with answers to the questions they may have, ensuring they fully understand the “why” behind the “how” for each skill and technique.

•    Advanced training video each and every month to keep everyone’s skills improving and challenging even the most veteran salesperson, which will help you keep employees longer (and that means better sales results).

•    Bonus Sales Manager’s Guides each month to ensure engaging, interesting sales meetings that result in real skill development of the team.  That means better closing percentages!

•    An “Ask Casey” link that allows your salespeople to directly ask me questions, and that means your team can take their training to higher levels and get their individual questions answered.

•    My Guarantee that allows you to try the training for 14 days and, if you’re not satisfied get your money back.  

 clickbutton4A $250 Bonus to Entice You!

Although I have been beta testing this program for more than 6 months with great success (which led to some of the extra Sales Manager features), I am also aware that you—just like every consumer—likes to get free stuff.  I could throw in some training CD’s or other materials but quite frankly I have put just about everything I have ever produced into all the elements of this site so why give you older stuff when this is all new.  

Therefore, if you act now I will give you a one hour phone sales assessment consultation for free (via Skype or your call to my office).  In this call we will explore the current structure of your sales team, commissions, bonuses, training, and policies and I will advise you as to things you can do to improve the overall functionality and success of your department.  I can’t promise that you will like what you hear but it will be candid advice through my eyes of 25+ years of club sales experience.  I charge $250/hour for phone consultations and you will get this for free.  Even if you decide that you don’t want to continue with the program after your 14 day money back guarantee time I won’t bill you for the hour call we had; consider it my gift for giving the program a try (who knows, maybe you will discover that you don’t need the training).     

Act Now, the FREE consultation is ONLY for the first 25

Well, come on now, you didn’t think I was going to keep that offer open-ended, did you?  No, because my time is limited I am making this offer to the first 25 people who respond to this letter.  Give yourself the best possible chance to gain one of these spots and click the link below now.  
(would it be possible to have a countdown # here?) 

Okay, So what’s the Cost?

At this point most people are thinking, “this thing must be expensive.”  Yet everyone is pleasantly shocked when they hear how small the investment is.  Once I finish the launch of this program the initial cost per salesperson will be $195 and then only $17 per month thereafter.  But since most clubs have multiple salespeople and I want my best clients and followers to get in at a price they can’t refuse I have put together a bundle package with NO upfront fees.  You will have access for up to 4 salespeople to utilize the program at the low monthly fee of just $97.  That’s it.  And, as I told you earlier, I am so confident that you are going to absolutely love this program I will waive the minimum 3 month commitment and still give you the 14 day money back guarantee.  

So, just to be absolutely clear here is your deal.  You invest $97 today and 4 of your sales team members will have total access to the ENTIRE training program.  Use it for 14 days and if you aren’t convinced that it is worth every penny then I will gladly refund your money.  Each month you will simply invest another $97 to use the program for up to 4 team members.  It is that simple.

Act NOW; this “Launch Offer” will Expire Soon

I know what you’re thinking—yea, yea, that’s just a bunch of sales hype.  Well, think again.  You are seeing this letter for one simple reason; either you are on my list of clients/followers and I sent you the link or you are a follower of one of my colleagues clients.  I will not make this incredible offer to the general public.  I may give them a guarantee period but I will not waive the upfront fees on people who don’t already know, like and trust my materials; it is simply not worth the risk of abuse.  Therefore, I am extending this offer until March 31st.  After that it’s gone.  And, just so you know, I discourage my clients from playing “let’s make a deal” with their prices and I follow the same rule.  So, avoid disappointment and try it out today.  Remember, you have no risk.   


Get Your Competitive Advantage Now!

With competition at an all time high, if your salespeople aren’t closing as many prospects as possible you are making it harder on yourself to succeed.  Give your team the training tools they need and watch your sales soar!