bookcoverThe Complete Guide To Fitness

Selling Health Club Memberships

Casey Conrad is President of Communication Consultants, WBS, Inc., a company dedicated to providing high quality sales and communication seminars for professionals in the health and fitness industry worldwide.  She is the author of “Selling Fitness: The Complete Guide to Selling Health Club Memberships,” the first book in the industry which is specifically designed to help salespeople sell memberships. In addition, she has created 20 other sales, marketing and management books, DVD and audio programs, including the best sellers Mastering Fitness Sales, How to Give A Professional Fitness Sales Presentation, How to Close the Sale and Overcome Objections and the Club Sales Training Mega Course.

With over 25 years experience in the field, Casey has held various positions including that of Sales Coordinator, Sales Manager, General Manager, District Manager and Sales Trainer.  Casey earned her BA at The American University and her JD at Roger Williams University School of Law.  In addition, she is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuro-Associative Conditioning.

She is the founder of an international chain of weight loss centers called Healthy Inspirations and is the creator of the in-club weight loss-licensing program called Take It Off that provides clubs with a weight loss solution for their members and an additional ancillary revenue stream.  

Most recently Casey has launched two new internet resource sites for health club operators. For your free e-newsletters: visit and

Casey is a regular featured columnist for Club Business International Magazine, Body Life Magazine, Club Success, Club Insider, Il Nuovo Club and numerous other club association publications.

Casey has been a featured presenter in 17 countries and has spoken for many industry organizations including IHRSA, Club Industry, Gold's Gym Enterprises, Network for Fitness Professionals, Australia, Bodylife in England and Germany, EFFA in Holland and Forum in Italy, to name a few.